Try Before You Buy Program In Vancouver, WA

Try Before You Buy Program In Vancouver, WA

At Vancouver Toyota, we are proud to serve the Vancouver, Battle Ground, Camas, Ridgefield, Salmon Creek, Washougal, and Woodland areas in Washington, as well as the Portland, Oregon area. For those of you who are considering a new Toyota, we want to make the decision process as easy as possible. You can try it before you buy it!


Do you have a particular Toyota model in mind? We all know that
taking it for a test drive around the block isn't nearly enough to
feel completely confident in whether or not you can see yourself
buying it! With our Try Before You Buy program, you're able to
rent a Toyota for the day or weekend. See how the car looks in
your driveway, garage, or parking lot. Wherever you would drive,
try your new Toyota there.

Vancouver Toyota Vancouver WA
Vancouver Toyota Vancouver WA


After trying a Toyota model, are you ready to buy it? If you are
sold after renting one of our models, you can buy any new,
certified, or pre-owned vehicles from Vancouver, WA and we will
credit your rental car bill up to $300-max $100 on Scion purchases!*

*Total bill deducted from the best-negotiated price on new, certified, or pre-owned vehicles -
($300 max credit - not to be below dealer invoice, up to $100 credit for Scion purchases). Offer
good for 1 year from the rental date. Note: You can combine multiple rentals during 1 year to
reach the max credit. Valid on any & all vehicles & on any & all daily and/or weekly rental periods.