Battery Service in Vancouver, WA

When it comes to maintaining the overall health of your Toyota, it's important to undergo routine maintenance. One of the easiest maintenance tips is to check your car's battery. Without a working battery, your car won't start, leaving you and your family stranded. At Vancouver Toyota, our Toyota Service Department can work with you to ensure your car's battery is in good condition and we can help create a schedule to keep your Toyota running. Our Toyota Service Department has taken the time to shine a light on a few things to look out for when it comes to your battery. If you notice any of the following, please don't hesitate to schedule a service appointment with our trained technicians! We look forward to serving your vehicle.

Life Expectancy of a Car Battery

It's hard to pinpoint when your car's battery will go out. A lot of different factors go into how long your battery will last, and these include the weather, your driving habits, and the age of your vehicle. With this in mind, an estimated life is between three to five years. Your local Toyota Service Department in Vancouver, WA can perform routine battery service to ensure you don't get stranded!

Tips to Extending your Battery's Life

Battery Load Test

A battery load test checks to see if your car's battery is running properly. Our team can easily do this for you. Contact us to learn more!

Clean the Battery

Regularly clean your battery. When your battery gets dirty and grime builds up, it may impact its performance. Speak to our team to learn more.

Drive your Vehicle

When you let your car sit, you may be hurting your battery! You should try to drive your car at least once every three days. Contact Vancouver Toyota to learn more!

Charge Properly

In some cases, if you manually charge your battery, you might be overcharging it. Make sure to charge your battery correctly so you can extend its life!


Failing Battery Signs

More often than not, your battery may be giving off warning signs when it's about to die. Try to look for the following:

  • Your vehicle takes longer to start
  • Your battery gives off a strange smell
  • Your battery case gets bigger
  • Your check engine light comes on
  • Your battery is over three years old
  • Your battery fluid level drops

Schedule Battery Service at Vancouver Toyota

Now that you are more familiar with what goes into your battery, it's important to take the time to schedule service at Vancouver Toyota. Our technicians can work with you to make sure your Toyota is running properly and to avoid any unexpected service problems. Schedule an appointment today! We look forward to seeing you.