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Genuine Toyota Parts are manufactured specifically for your Toyota. They're the parts your vehicle was built with, so they're the best choice in terms of fit, performance & overall quality. Vancouver Toyota's Parts Center & Accessories Store offers one-stop shopping for parts & accessories for the do-it-yourselfer as well as for dealer-installed products. We have a full selection of Genuine Toyota Parts & Accessories. You'll also find brand-name, car-care products at competitive prices. If you're looking for expert technical help or how-to pamphlets, you'll find it of charge.Toyota's confidence in its products, and commitment to customer satisfaction, are demonstrated by outstanding warranty coverage including a lifetime guarantee on replacement mufflers, exhaust pipes, shock absorbers, struts & cartridges. When purchased at (and installed by) a Toyota dealer, these Genuine Toyota Parts & Accessories are guaranteed to the original purchaser for the life of the vehicle - this includes coverage for parts & labor. Compare the guarantees offered on these parts by aftermarket repair shops - many don't offer the extensive coverage Toyota does. And remember: only Genuine Toyota Parts & Accessories are manufactured to your vehicle's exact specifications. So don't compromise: When replacement time comes, count on your the Vancouver Toyota Genuine Parts Center & Accessories Store for quality, performance & the peace of mind that comes with a factory-backed lifetime guarantee.
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Portland Toyota Engine Oil Filter | Vancouver Toyota Engine Oil FilterOil filters help protect your engine by trapping dirt & other contaminants while allowing the oil to flow to the engine. Genuine Toyota Oil Filters are designed specifically for your Toyota engine & feature:> Bypass valve alleviates restricted oil flow in the event of a clogged filter > Anti-drainback valve prevents oil from draining out of the engine & into the oil pan, helping to protect your engine from increased wear during cold starts> Filter element effectively filters contaminants & maintains the engine's lubrication capability during the maintenance interval.Toyota recommends changing your oil filter & motor oil every 5,000 miles or 6 months.
Portland Toyota Engine Oil Toyota Motor Oil | Vancouver Toyota Engine Oil Toyota Motor OilTo maintain the quality of your Toyota, use Genuine Toyota Motor Oil formulated specifically for your vehicle Genuine Toyota Motor Oil is a unique combination of lube base stocks & a special additive package that promotes optimum engine performance. Here are some Genuine Toyota Motor Oil Benefits:> Available in 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30, & 0W20 grades  > Formulated to help protect Toyota metal & gasket surfaces from corrosion with a film of oil > 4-point depressants maintain fluidity in cold climate conditions > Viscosity index improvers stabilize viscosity levels over a range of operating temperatures > Defoamants maintain proper application of oil on cylinder walls > Oxidation inhibitors resist creation of oxidants which increase viscosity levels & decrease fluidity > All grades meet API standard specifications
Portland Toyota Wiper Inserts Toyota Wiper Blade Inserts | Vancouver Toyota Wiper Inserts Toyota Wiper Blade InsertsGenuine Toyota Wiper Inserts are exposed to harsh elements & may need to be replaced every six (6) months or 6,000 miles (whichever comes first). Genuine Toyota Wiper Inserts are inexpensive & provide optimum wiping performance for enhanced visibility & safety.Wiper inserts may all look alike, but they don't all work alike. Many people don't realize they need new wipers until it starts raining & they have to drive in dangerous conditions with poor visibility. Toyota recommends that wiper inserts be replaced every six (6) months or 6,000 miles, whichever comes first. Genuine Toyota Wiper Inserts are made specifically for Toyota models using natural compression-molded rubber for optimum wiping performance & enhanced visibility.
Portland Toyota Cabin Air Filter | Vancouver Toyota Cabin Air FilterIndoor environments can contain extremely polluted air. In the compact environment of your vehicle's interior cabin, there may exist a high concentration of pollutants such as dust, pollen, & other unwelcome air particles that can aggravate allergies & adversely affect the comfort & health of you & your passengers.Toyota Cabin Air Filters are designed to promote a healthier, more comfortable breathing environment by capturing unwanted particles before they enter the passenger compartment.
Environmental driving conditions affect the product life of a Cabin Air Filter. Driving in heavy traffic, in urban or dusty environments, or on dirt roads, may shorten filter life. Filter replacement may be necessary if reduced airflow is observed from the heater vents or if windows fog up easily in FRESH mode. You can also check your vehicle's Scheduled Maintenance Guide for replacement intervals. Of course, the best thing to do is have your dealership check before problems develop.

Portland Toyota Wiper Blades | Vancouver Toyota Wiper BladesYou can't drive safely if you can't see the road. Your vehicle's wiper blades are the key to good road visibility. Even if you're fortunate enough to live in an area where the weather is generally good, wiper blades need to be replaced at least every 6 months or 6,000 miles. The reason is environmental elements such as sunlight, ozone & road film eventually weaken your wiper blades' performance by deteriorating the rubber.Genuine Toyota Wiper Blades are made using natural compression-molded rubber & the very best metallic components. And they're designed for your Toyota for the best possible fit & performance. When it's time to replace your wiper blades, make sure you choose Genuine Toyota Wiper Blades.
Portland Toyota Engine Air Filter | Vancouver Toyota Engine Air FilterAir filters trap dirt & contaminants (which can cause wear & reduce performance) before they reach your engine. Genuine Toyota Air Filters are engineered specifically for your Toyota to provide exceptional filtering efficiency, improved engine performance & noise-dampening capabilities. Toyota Genuine Air Filters feature, needle-punch construction & triple-layer filtering providing superior ability to trap & retain dirt & dust. Plus, Genuine Toyota Air Filters feature polyurethane resin frames for a better fit, thereby helping to seal out dirt & reduce vibration noise. Toyota recommends replacing the engine air filter every 30,000 miles or 36 months. If you operate your Toyota under special operating conditions, we recommend inspection every 15,000 miles or 18 months.
Portland Toyota Brake Pads Toyota Brakes Toyota Brake Shoes | Vancouver Toyota Brake Pads Toyota Brakes Toyota Brake ShoesIn today's fast-paced, stop-and-go world, the brake pads you use makes a big difference. When you put your foot on the brake, you're counting on the brake pads to do their job - slow you down. With Genuine Toyota Brake Pads, you can count on a correct fit, top performance & lasting quality. Here's why you should use Genuine Toyota Brake Pads: they're the only pads designed & engineered by Toyota specifically for your Toyota vehicle.Genuine Toyota Brake Pads are manufactured with materials designed to maintain the dynamics engineered in Toyota's braking systems. Genuine Toyota Brake Pad backing plates are precision machined to allow brake pads to move freely within the calipers for smooth & efficient operation. When replacing your brakes, always ask for Genuine Toyota Brake Pads.
Portland Toyota Battery | Vancouver Toyota BatteryWhen it's time to replace your battery, install a new TrueStart or True2 battery, manufactured to Toyota's exacting standards for quality & performance.The Truth About Car Batteries? You've probably seen battery ads touting the benefits of expanded warranties & high Cold Cranking Amps (CCAs). Often, they're are mistakenly equated with superior quality. The fact is, high CCAs can mean minimal Reserve Capacity (RC), which can negatively affect battery performance & longevity. TrueStart True2 batteries provide the right combination of CCAs & RC approved & designed by Toyota engineers.
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Portland Toyota Appearance Chemicals Toyota Service Chemicals Toyota Vehicle Chemicals | Vancouver Toyota Appearance Chemicals Toyota Service Chemicals Toyota Vehicle ChemicalsToyota offers a complete line of products to safeguard your car's appearance & help keep it looking & running like new. You'll find everything from fabric spot remover & glass cleaner to liquid car wash & touch-up paint.When it's time to get under the hood or car, our fuel injector cleaner, brake fluid, & silicone spray will help you get the job done. All are formulated specifically for use with Toyota, so you can be confident you're giving your vehicle the best care possible, inside & out.Genuine Toyota's, distinctive pink color, Super Long-Life Antifreeze / Coolant is the same high-quality factory-fill product found in new Toyotas. It provides maximum protection & durability without silicates. And because it's compatible with non-metallic materials, it helps extend the life of water pump seals.

Portland Toyota Spark Plugs | Vancouver Toyota Spark Plugs
Genuine Toyota Spark Plugs are designed to maintain optimum vehicle performance & durability. Toyota offers many different types of spark plugs specifically designed for your Toyota vehicle. Always use the right spark plug - the wrong spark plug can negatively impact fuel economy & overall performance. U-Groove Spark Plugs: special groove in the middle of the ground electrode. Before firing, it traps the fuel-air mixture, producing a big spark for efficient combustion, reduced fouling, strong throttle response & smooth idle.Dual-Ground Electrode Spark Plugs:Since '94, select Toyota models feature Toyota Direct Ignition System (TDI) enabling spark plugs to fire twice as often. It creates a more efficient & cost-effective engine. They feature a special design delivering optimum performance & durability with the same original change interval. Double Platinum Spark Plugs: are recommended for select Toyota models & feature several benefits:: > Platinum on the center & ground electrode reduce wear & provide a long service life of up to 60,000 miles. > The raised design provides excellent ignitability for a strong spark, smooth idle & strong performance.  > Nickel & iridium are added to the platinum, making an alloy that's strong & durable & helps prevent cracking. Iridium Spark Plugs:Reasons Toyota recommends Iridium spark plugs for select Toyota models: > A smaller center electrode promotes higher performance. > Iridium is a more durable than platinum with a melting point that's approximately 1,200° F higher. > They last longer than conventional spark plugs. (Up to 110,000 miles.)

Portland Toyota Remanufactured Parts | Vancouver Toyota Remanufactured Parts
The best new parts make the best remanufactured parts. Genuine Toyota Remanufactured Parts provide value & maintain the integrity of your Toyota car with a standard of quality that meets Toyota's strict requirements.Why Choose Genuine Toyota Remanufactured Products? > Components originally designed & created by Toyota are remanufactured with the same quality in mind. > Products are improved & updated to reflect the latest in Toyota technology, engineering & design. > Every remanufactured part undergoes many performance tests to ensure proper function & Toyota quality. > Products are designed to be the exact replacement for the original unit installed on your car. They fit right the first time, as opposed to some aftermarket products that consolidate to make one part work on multiple models.
> Products are covered by a 12-month/unlimited mileage warranty that's honored by more than 1,100 authorized Toyota dealerships in the continental U.S. & Alaska - see dealer for details on limited warranty.A Wide Range of Genuine Toyota Remanufactured Products are available at your Toyota dealership: starters, alternators, clutch covers & discs, air conditioning compressors, automatic transmissions, brake calipers, water pumps, power rack-and-pinion assemblies, engine control unit computers, electronic fuel injection computers, electronically controlled transmission computers, & voltage regulators.
Portland Toyota Body Parts Toyota Collision Parts | Vancouver Toyota Body Parts Toyota Collision PartsTo maintain the appearance, performance, & safety of your Toyota, it's important to make sure it's repaired only with Genuine Toyota Parts. Some repair shops & insurance companies may suggest using imitation or used salvage parts to save money, but these parts may not meet Toyota's high standards for quality, fit, & corrosion resistance. What's more, they are not covered by any Toyota warranty. Maintain the value of your Toyota by insisting on the use of Genuine Toyota Parts.
In Case of Accident, Be an Informed Owner. You have the right to choose the types of parts used in the repair of your vehicle.Warranties for collision repair parts are provided by the manufacturer or distributor of those parts. Warranty coverage varies. Your insurance company or collision repair facility should provide you with written warranty statements for all parts used in the repair of your vehicle.New Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): Parts made by the vehicle manufacturer or one of its licensees & distributed through its normal channels. These parts maintain the manufacturer's vehicle warranty.
Portland Toyota Mufflers Toyota Exhaust Systems | Vancouver Toyota Mufflers Toyota Exhaust SystemsYou don't need a muffler every day, but when you do, here's why you should have a Genuine Toyota Muffler installed at Vancouver Toyota. Genuine Toyota mufflers are built with the quality materials & reliable workmanship you expect from Toyota. They're designed & built for specific Toyota models to ensure accurate fit & optimal performance. Welded inlet & tailpipes come included: often not the case with typical non-Toyota mufflers. When mufflers & exhaust pipes are bought & installed at Vancouver Toyota, they're covered by Toyota's Parts & Labor Lifetime Guarantee - honored by all Toyota dealers in the continental US & Canada.
Portland Toyota Starter Toyota Alternator | Vancouver Toyota Starter Toyota AlternatorWe can't overstate the importance of using only Genuine Toyota Starters & Alternators. You already know your Toyota is reliable, but when you turn the key in your Toyota, you expect it to start. Using only Genuine Toyota Starters lets you enjoy that familiar level of confidence at the start of every drive.As the foundation of your vehicle's electrical & charging system, the alternator needs to generate the precise voltage & amperage required to keep electronic engine components working optimally. Genuine Toyota Alternators do just that. And unlike generic products, Genuine Toyota Alternators will not cause damage due to extremes of current.
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Toyota Service Oriented Chemicals & Toyota Appearance Chemicals
Portland Toyota Car Care Kit | Vancouver Toyota Car Care Kit3-piece kit: Cleaner Polish, Vinyl & Leather Protectant & Fabric Spot Remover. Comes in convenient 4 oz cans & can easily be stored in the glove box.
Features: > Keeps the interior & exterior protected & looking new
Applications: > All Toyota vehicles | > See individual product pages for specific applications
Portland Toyota Glass Cleaner | Vancouver Toyota Glass CleanerCombination of alcohol glycol, ether surfactants & ammonia (Quick-foaming agent that does not streak or haze) to provide excellent cleaning for glass & other surfaces.
Features: > Quick-foaming agent | > Does not streak or haze | > Removes smears, bugs, road grime | > Removes nicotine stains from glass | > Low VOC content |  > Active ingredients: alcohol glycol, ether surfactants & ammonia
Applications: > Glass  | > Chrome  | > Vinyl
Portland Toyota Cleaner Polish | Vancouver Toyota Cleaner PolishA silicone & wax combination of mild, safe abrasives for removal of & help protect & shield the finish from the effects of acid rain, bugs, bird droppings, grime & road salt, while protecting all Toyota paint applications.
Features: > Creates a brilliant shine | > Helps protect against elements | > Safe for all Toyota automotive topcoats |> Active ingredients: silicone, wax
Applications: > Flat paint | > Vinyl | > Wood grain | > Rubber |
Porous plastic
Portland Toyota Bug Tar Remover | Vancouver Toyota Bug Tar RemoverA highly effective combination of solvents that dissolves road grime, tar, bugs, asphalt & other foreign materials without damaging clear coat or other finished surfaces.
Features: > Safe for all Toyota paint finishes | > Active ingredients: hydrocarbon solvents, cyclicamines
Applications: > Exterior paint | > Chrome, aluminum |> Glass | > Most Plastics
Portland Toyota Tire Shine | Vancouver Toyota Tire ShineUse Toyota's Tire Shine as the perfect Finishing Touch on virtually any vehicle cleaning, maintenance or detailing job. Its special formula quickly restores like-new color & luster.
Features: > Clear, colorless, odorless | > Will not streak or spot | > Long-lasting | > No chlorinated solvents used in formula | > Spray-n-go feature allows for use without wiping or rubbing
Applications: > Flat paint | > Vehicle batteries | > Terminals | > Brackets | > Cables
Portland Toyota Wheel Cleaner | Vancouver Toyota Wheel CleanerA special water-based detergent that works on both petroleum & non-petroleum-based soils. Toyota Wheel Cleaner uses power surfactants to clean without damaging plastic or rubber.
Features: > Leaves brilliant shine | > No scrubbing necessary | > Safe for clear coats & paintwork on alloy wheels
Applications: > Chrome | > Alloy | > Plastic | > Rubber
Portland Toyota Liquid Car Wash | Vancouver Toyota Liquid Car WashA combination of powerful detergents, surfactants and emulsifiers to safely dissolve dirt, grease, oil & other materials. Couplers & sequestrates aid in complete rinsing without spotting.
Features: > Removes soil, oil, grease | > Rinses spot-free |
> Biodegradable | > Contains no phosphates | > Removes soil, oil, grease | > Active ingredients: detergents, surfactants, emulsifiers, couplers & sequestrates
Applications: > Any vehicle exterior
Portland Toyota Fabric Spot Remover | Vancouver Toyota Fabric Spot RemoverA highly effective combination of solvents & surfactants to dislodge & disperse oil-base soils including crayon, oil, grease, lipstick, chocolate, shoe polish & ink. Dries quickly after use.
Features: > Easily removes oil-based soils | > Convenient aerosol form | > Dries fast & leaves clean fragrance | > Leaves clean fragrance  | > Effective from -50°F to +240°F | > Active ingredients: hydrocarbon solvents, glycol ether & surfactants
Applications: > Cloth upholstery | > Carpets
Portland Toyota Vinyl Leather Protectant | Vancouver Toyota Vinyl Leather ProtectantA silicone emulsion-based formula that protects against the sun's ultra-violet rays & repels dirt & dust particles. Helps prevent cracking & peeling by minimizing deterioration of the elastimers which keep vinyl & leather soft.
Features: > Protects against cracking | > Conditions to resist heat damage | > Fights premature aging & discoloration | > Contains no phosphates | > Active ingredients: humectants, emollients
Applications: > Vinyl | > Leather | > Plastic & rubber trim | > Bumpers & tires
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When it's time to get under the hood, or car, Genuine Toyota Service Oriented Chemicals will help you get the job done.
All of these Toyota Service Oriented Chemicals products are formulated specifically for use with Toyota vehicles,
so you can be confident you're giving your vehicle the best care possible, inside & out.
Portland Toyota Super Long Life Anti Freeze Coolant | Vancouver Toyota Super Long Life Anti Freeze Coolant
Portland Toyota Long Life Anti Freeze Coolant | Vancouver Toyota Long Life Anti Freeze Coolant
Genuine Toyota Super Long-Life Antifreeze/Coolant is the same found in new Toyotas - known it by its distinctive pink color. It provides max protection & durability w/o harmful silicates; is durable & because it's compatible with non-metallic materials, helps extend water pump seal life.It was developed exclusively to meet the specific requirements of your Toyota engine. Genuine Toyota Long-Life Antifreeze Coolant, with its red appearance, provides max protection w/o harmful silicates. It's extremely durable & because of its compatibility with non-metallic materials, helps extend water pump seal life. Genuine Toyota Long-Life Antifreeze Coolant is the same red fluid that's found in all new Toyotas. It was developed exclusively to meet the specific requirements of your Toyota engine. Long-Life / Super-Long Life Antifreeze / Coolant benefits: > Won't clog radiators from silicone gelling. | > Won't corrode aluminum like coolants that contain borate. | > Helps protect water pump seals.Portland Toyota Form-In-Place-Gasket | Vancouver Form-In-Place-Gasket | Vancouver Toyota (FIPG) Form-In-Place-Gasket | Portland Toyota (FIPG) Form-In-Place-Gasket> Formed-In-Place-Gasket (FIPG) One-component RTV silicone rubber which effectively seals various flange & large-clearance surfaces to prevent oil, water & chemical leaks. When applied, silicones set to form an elastic body which isn't affected by vibration or impact. These gaskets maintain a stable rubber elastic body over a wide temperature range.
Features:> Highly resistant to engine oil, various chemicals & coolant | > Tack-free time: 5 minutes | > Operating temperature range: -76° F to +482° F | > Active ingredient: silicone rubber
Applications: OIL PAN: > Water pump, oil pan, valve cover | > Engine head, fuel pump thermostat housing | > Oil pump & intake manifold | TRANSMISSION: > Transmission cover, clutch housing | > Differential cover & carrier | > Extension housing, front bearing | > Ring retainer, rear axle shaft connection
Portland Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid Type IV | Vancouver Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid Type IV | Vancouver Toyota Genuine Toyota ATF Type IV | Portland Toyota Genuine Toyota ATF Type IV> Genuine Toyota Auto Trans Fluid - ATF Type IV ATF is a high-performance automatic transmission fluid.
Key Features: ? Excellent lubrication of transmissions for quiet operation & smooth shifting |? Controlled friction properties for smooth & efficient transmission of power across all normal temperature ranges |? Helps to control transmission shudder & provide excellent drivability |? Helps to extend transmission life based on wear control |? Long fluid life based on oxidation resistance |? Viscosity stability to assure adequate lubrication without excessive thinning in severe high-temperature service or thickening at low starting temperatures |? Resistance to foaming
Portland Toyota Brake Fluid | Vancouver Toyota Brake Fluid | Vancouver Toyota Genuine Toyota Brake Fluid | Portland Toyota Genuine Toyota Brake Fluid> Genuine Toyota Brake Fluid is a SUPER HEAVY DUTY HI-TEMP brake fluid specifically designed by Toyota engineers to give superior performance in all Toyota brake systems where DOT 3 brake fluid is recommended.
Applications: Master Brake Cylinder |Brake Systems |Hydraulic Clutch Systems |Warranty Repairs
Key Features: Brake Fluid maintains a high boiling point even under the most severe operating conditions, offers superior protection against metal corrosion & does not form harmful sedimentation.
Portland Toyota (In-Tank) Fuel Injector (EFI) Cleaner | Vancouver Toyota (In-Tank) Fuel Injector (EFI) Cleaner> Genuine Toyota In-Tank Fuel Injector (EFI) Additive is a powerful fuel injector cleaner containing butyl cellosolve made to remove deposits from injector nozzles, intake valves & combustion chambers. It's a complete detergent based fuel system cleaner that requires no oil based carrier. State-of-the-art PEA (Polyether amine) ashless technology. Cleans carburetor or injectors, intake valves & ports & combustion chamber in one treatment.The demulsifier separates any water present in the fuel & contains a corrosion inhibitor protecting metal surfaces in contact with fuel.Compatible with all fuel system components (metal & elastomers). Safe for catalytic converters & oxygen sensors. Reduces exhaust emissions (HC,CO & NOx), restores power & performance & reduces fuel consumption & increases engine durability. For Gas Engines Only.Portland Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid World Spec | Vancouver Toyota Automatic Transmission Fluid World Spec | Vancouver Toyota Genuine Toyota ATF WS | Portland Toyota Genuine Toyota ATF WS> Automatic Transmission Fluid - World Spec (WS) Automatic Transmission Fluid WS is a world-spec fluid specifically designed for sealed automatic transmissions
Applications: Metal Finishes in Transmission |Seals, O-Rings
Portland Toyota Throttle Plate Cleaner | Vancouver Toyota Throttle Plate Cleaner | Portland Toyota Throttle Body Cleaner | Vancouver Toyota Throttle Body Cleaner> Toyota Throttle Plate Cleaner is specially formulated to remove power robbing carbon deposits that form on the interior walls of a throttle body & the throttle plate. Used as directed, Throttle Plate Cleaner helps to restore power & performance lost to these deposits. Designed to be oxygen sensor & catalytic converter safe, Throttle Plate Cleaner is recommended for use on most fuel injected vehicles.Portland Toyota Windshield Washer Fluid | Vancouver Toyota Windshield Washer Fluid | Portland Toyota Windshield Washer Fluid Concentrate | Vancouver Toyota Windshield Washer Fluid Concentrate> Genuine Toyota Windshield Washer Fluid Concentrate cuts through dirt & film to clean your windshield w/o smearing & prevents freezing of the windshield washer system. Windshield washer systems should be kept in mint condition to avoid dilemmas of road activities because an immaculate-looking windshield will entitle you to a peaceful & hassle-free drive. Always remember to check your windshield washer fluid.Cleaning the windshield will always be effective if the fluid is kept in the right amount. Your washer reservoir contains minimum & maximum fluid-level markings so it's easy to know when to refill. The Toyota bottled concentrated windshield washer fluid comes in a 32oz bottle. It gives you a table of how much to mix to get a particular freezing point.
Portland Toyota Brake Cleaner Non-Chlorinated | Vancouver Toyota Brake Cleaner Non-Chlorinated> Genuine Toyota Brake Cleaner A very effective, non-chlorinated formulation that removes brake fluid, grease, oil & other contaminants that is quick-drying & leaves no residue.
Features: > Helps stop brake squeal & chatter. > Cleans brake hard parts as well as linings.> Dries quickly. > Non-chlorinated formula is ozone-friendly & can be mixed with waste oil
Applications: > ALL Toyota Brake Systems
Portland Toyota Battery Cleaner | Vancouver Toyota Battery Cleaner> Toyota Battery Cleaner This advanced formulation serves 4 apps in one product - cleans, detects acid, neutralizes acid & protects against corrosion. Cleaner: product's foaming action penetrates & emulsifies dirt, grease & deposits.Detector: foamy light red formula turns blue in presence of acid.Neutralizer:  additives in the formula increase the pH to a safer level.Protector: red film provides a barrier against corrosion & the elements. Excellent for use on batteries, terminals, cables, brackets & housings for fleets, golf carts, airplanes, boats, tractors, forklifts, construction equipment, floor scrubbers & more.
Portland Toyota Rust Penetrant | Vancouver Toyota Rust Penetrant> Toyota Rust Penetrant The convenient way to end the struggle of freezing rust-locked nuts & bolts. This potent penetrant is chemically formulated to loosen caked rust & corrosion for an easy separation in seconds. It's a powerful product which works quickly to remove & penetrate rust, grime, grease & similar substances. Penetrates quickly to loosen frozen fasteners. Leaves behind a protective film that helps prevent further corrosion. Repels water & contains colloidal graphite & MoS2.Toyota Rust Penetrant reduces wasted labor time & can save you hours of sweat & costly tool damage.Portland Toyota High Performance Penetrating Lubricant | Vancouver Toyota High Performance Penetrating Lubricant> Toyota High-Performance Penetrating Lubricant Specially formulated toprovide superior performance in both lubrication & penetration. It can also be used to protect metal surfaces from the environment. Works effectively from -40° F (-40° C) to +475° F (+246° C).Lubricant: Utilizing advanced film producing ingredients, it forms a non-sticky film to reduce friction & wear. Use it to eliminate the squeaking or sticking of metal parts. It can also be used around the home on sliding windows, doors, locks & much more.Penetrant: Its deep penetrating action goes to the surface of sticky, frozen or rusted parts to loosen & lift away contaminants from metal surfaces. Ideal for use on frozen joints, nuts & bolts.Protectant: Coats metal to provide a long-lasting protective film that shields metal from dirt, moisture, rust & corrosion. Ideal for areas where there is high humidity or salt air.
Portland Toyota Belt Dressing | Vancouver Toyota Belt Dressing> Toyota Belt Dressing is for use on all serpentine & V-belts in automotive, marine & farm vehicles & equipment. Helps stop squeaking & slipping by providing extra grip for old or worn belts. Also cleans & conditions belts to help prevent premature wear & prolong belt life.Portland Toyota White Grease Lubricant | Vancouver Toyota White Grease Lubricant> Toyota White Grease Toyota genuine white grease is an easy-to-apply aerosol that lubricates metal-to-metal & metal-to-plastic moving parts. Sprays like oil, covers like grease. Added teflon increases water resistance, reduces grinding friction wear & guards against corrosion & rust; Special solvent allows deep penetration. Sets quickly to a thick coating, never gums or cakes, High durability.
Portland Toyota Silicone Spray Lubricant | Vancouver Toyota Silicone Spray Lubricant | Portland Toyota Silicone Spray Sealant | Vancouver Toyota Silicone Spray Sealant> Toyota Silicone Spray This special silicone lubricant can make life a lot smoother. Invaluable for your car or boat, it effortlessly eliminates squeaking & sticking of metal. Preserves & protects against rust & corrosion. Works effectively from -80° F (-62° C) to +600° F (+315° C). Use it around home for easy sliding windows, doors & locks. Great for practically all moving mechanical parts.Toyota genuine silicone spray is a superb product that was specifically created to reduce friction between non-metal parts & metal-to-plastic parts. Dries to clean, colorless & protective film, eliminates noise. Prevents cracking of rubber molding while extending the rubber's lifetime. Provides a non-sticky coating which prevents adhering dirt. Provides an easier-to-clean surface & a corrosion inhibitor is required.
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Buy Here & Save Vancouver Toyota Parts Center - Why Buy from Vancouver Toyota Parts Center? Oil Filter Oil Filters | Front Brake Pads:At Vancouver Toyota Parts Center we focus on offering great service & wholesale pricing. In the years that we've been selling OEM Toyota parts online, we've developed a reputation for honesty, integrity, & value - no fakes, no games or inflated shipping, no imitation or cheap aftermarket copies of OEM parts?only value for you, our customer.We stock every active OEM Toyota & Scion part released, from brand new Prius C parts to late-model parts for your 2007 Camry to older parts for your 1990 4Runner. Our staff of Toyota parts experts have a minimum of 10 years experience. If you don't want to look up your own Toyota / Scion parts or Accessories, call 360.253.0675 for a free parts lookup. We've also begun to create resources for Toyota owners who work on their vehicles. We have a list of Toyota part numbers, a list of Toyota-specific diagnostic codes, & we're working on a new Toyota engine info library.Parts & Service / Genuine Toyota Parts | Keep It Real - Show genuine love for your Toyota by taking care of it with Genuine Toyota Parts. Show genuine love for your Toyota by taking care of it with Genuine Toyota Parts. Genuine Toyota Parts: A/C Compressors | Air & Cabin Filters | Appearance Fluids | Batteries | Brakes | Mufflers | Oil Filters | Remanufactured Parts | Service Fluids | Spark Plugs | Starter/Alternator | Timing Belts | Tires | Transmission | Water Pump | Wiper Blades & Inserts.Precision-Engineered for Style & Individuality: Whether you're interested in enhancing performance, styling or protection, only Genuine Toyota Accessories give you complete confidence & peace of mind in the way you have chosen to personalize your Toyota - because only Genuine Toyota Accessories are specifically designed, engineered, tested & approved for use on each Toyota vehicle..Engineering: Who Thinks About Tow Hitches? Whether you're hauling equipment to the construction site or taking a boat to the family's favorite vacation spot, you work hard & play hard. But one thing you probably don't do is spend a lot of time thinking about tow hitches. Toyota engineers, however, do spend a lot of time thinking about hitches. That's why every Genuine Toyota hitch features a vehicle-specific design precisely engineered to help achieve the maximum tow rating. This is accomplished by taking into account the specific model's frame, engine, transmission & towing capacity - ultimately providing a hitch that matches the capacity of the entire vehicle. For example, establishing the departure angle of the hitch & ball mount is critical, because if the angle & distance between the back tires & ball mount are too far apart, the ball mount may scrape the ground while towing on an incline. Why Music Sounds Great in Your Toyota: One of your favorite pleasures is listening to your music on your Apple iPod® 8 - especially while driving. With your Toyota interface kit for iPod®, you have fingertip control of your music while you drive & clear digital sound through your car's speakers..Design: The Perfect Blend of Design, Engineering & Manufacturing. Genuine Toyota Accessories will fit & function precisely in your specific Toyota model because they are developed for your Toyota model. On-vehicle checks & evaluations are performed with each design phase, resulting in constant improvements to each accessory. That's the difference between "one size fits all" & being specifically designed, engineered & manufactured for your vehicle. At Toyota, "one size definitely does not fit all. For Our Engineers, Good Looks Aren't Everything. We know you want accessories that not only improve the performance of your Toyota, but also look great doing it. That's why Genuine Toyota Accessories are designed to excel in both performance & style. Rear spoilers, body side moldings & doorsill enhancements add individual styling that helps you get noticed wherever you drive. And nothing delivers a bold, sporty & stylish appearance to your Toyota like Genuine Toyota alloy wheels. Our alloy wheels are designed to complement the overall look & feel of your Toyota & provide that level of personalization you crave. But don't judge our wheels by looks alone. Manufactured to the highest standards, Genuine Toyota alloy wheels are lighter in weight than standard steel wheels & can improve the overall efficiency of your Toyota's performance. Toyota engineers have conducted extensive ride, handling & strength tests designed not only to maintain the integrity of the ride & handling characteristics of your Toyota, but also to ensure an improved driving performance you can feel & see..Safety: Reliability & Safety Are in Every Genuine Toyota Accessory. Product reliability & safety are essential to every Genuine Toyota Accessory we design & build. In addition to computer simulations & certified lab testing, Toyota engineers test Genuine Toyota Accessories in real-world environments. For example, Toyota engineers took our rock rails on field adventures for off-road durability & safety tests. Designed with stainless steel tubing, black powder-coated to help withstand rust & for superior corrosion resistance, our rock rails help protect the underside & lower sheet metal by absorbing the impact of rough terrain when driving off-road. Our engineers also conduct extensive structural integrity tests to evaluate the dependability & toughness of our running boards. Made of sturdy material with skid-resistant surface, our running boards provide step-assist to passengers, for easy vehicle entrance & exit. Genuine Toyota Accessories - reliability & safety you can rely on year after year & mile after mile.
Warranty: Our Warranty Travels with You. If you are like many Toyota customers, you plan to drive your vehicle for many miles. Genuine Toyota Accessories have been specifically designed to comply with Toyota's safety & reliability standards. Genuine Toyota Accessories will help you maintain peace of mind for years to come, as they give you complete confidence in your decision to personalize & customize your Toyota. Should your Toyota vehicle with Genuine Toyota Accessories ever need service, Toyota-trained technicians, using the latest diagnostic tools & Genuine Toyota Parts, will service your vehicle from any of over 1,200 Toyota dealers across the United States. They ensure your Toyota is repaired to the manufacturer's specifications - a valuable advantage when it comes time to resell. When purchased at the same time as your new vehicle, only Genuine Toyota Accessories are backed by Toyota's 3-year/36,000-mile New Vehicle Limited Warranty, valid at any Toyota dealership nationwide. For accessories purchased after the new vehicle purchase, the coverage is 12 months, regardless of mileage, from the date the accessory was installed on the vehicle, or the remainder of any applicable new vehicle warranty (whichever provides greater coverage).Welcome To Vancouver Toyota Parts Department & Accessories Store, your source for Genuine, Factory Toyota Parts & Accessories! Take a look around & you will find parts for most makes & models of Toyota from the "old & reliable" to the newest, "just off the showroom" vehicle. If you can't find what your looking for call 360.253.0675 & talk to one of our top-notch parts professionals, we'll be more than happy to assist you.TOYOTA PARTS INFORMATION: Toyota parts are generally easy to find, but it depends on exactly which Toyota you have. Naturally, the newer your Toyota, the easier it will be to find parts in general. Some of the early-generation Toyota pick-up trucks, for example, can be troublesome to find parts for.One thing about Toyota is that it is a very popular brand of automobile. For many popular vehicles, affordable replicas are made of factory parts. So this means Toyota parts are available not only directly from the dealership, but also from these OEM-grade replacement parts manufacturers & their distributors. Andy's Auto Sport distributes these types of parts, so you're at the right website!Also, some Toyota automobiles are very popular when it comes to making custom aftermarket modifications. Many Toyota models have a strong following of modification parts. Perhaps the most popular of these are the Corolla, Supra, Tundra, & Celica. The Yaris is also become a popular Toyota to modify with custom parts.One of Vancouver Toyota Parts Department & Accessories Store's specialties is certainly Toyota parts, so whether you're looking for OEM factory Toyota parts, or aftermarket parts to modify the appearance & horsepower of your Toyota, you're covered at Vancouver Toyota Parts Department & Accessories Store!POPULAR TOYOTA PARTS: Custom Toyota Parts | Performance Toyota Parts | OEM Toyota Parts | Factory Toyota Parts | Cheap Toyota Parts | Racing Toyota Parts | Toyota Parts & Accessories | Toyota Parts Cheap | Replacement Toyota Parts | Specialty Toyota Parts | Exhaust Systems | Rims | Auto Parts | Cold Air Intakes | Projector Headlights | Body Kits | Euro Tail Lights | Toyota Body Kits | Ground Effects
Toyota Parts & Accessories - See More Toyota Parts: There has been no foreign automotive company that has reached the same success in America as Toyota did. They're Japan's largest manufacturer of motor vehicles & have recently displaced General Motors as the world's top producer in both production & sales. Established in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda as a spinoff of his father's company, they later changed their name for stylistic reasons. After World War II, in 1947 they began large-scale commercial production of cars. In 1964, high tax rates on imported vehicles led to Toyota's establishment of their own manufacturing plants for vehicles & Toyota parts in the USA. Other large Japanese car companies such as Honda & Nissan also did the same. In the 1990s, they began to diversify the types of vehicles they produced. Aside from the staple compact cars, they also produced pickups, SUVs, & sporty vehicles targeted to the younger generation marketed under the name Scion. In 1997, they began production of the Prius, which is considered the world's best-selling hybrid car. No company is without their fair share of problems, though. In 2009, they have been hit by a series of product recalls of almost 8 million units due to pedal-related problems. This dealt quite some damage to the company, but they still kept their place at the top. It's proof of its longevity & enduring success in the market.
Today, wherever there's a paved road, you'll be sure to see a Toyota vehicle drive on it. The reasons for their growth have been summarized in two points: Respect for people & continuous improvement. Your car is produced by a world leader in automotive technology. That's why if it encounters a problem & some of its parts need replacing, you need to replace them with parts that are of the highest quality to maintain the excellent level of performance your car was created to deliver. The car parts we sell are high-quality products from some of the best auto parts manufacturers from all over the globe. They're made from the best materials using high-tech manufacturing processes to ensure their durability & excellent performance. We also have Toyota accessories for those who want to spice up their vehicle. These accessories add a touch of style to you vehicle & at the same time, provide convenience. All these products conform to the OEM's strict quality guidelines. They're guaranteed safe & able to deliver high quality.Vancouver Toyota Parts Department & Accessories Store is your top choice for auto parts & accessories on the web. Our massive catalog contains over a million unique products for almost all car makes & models. We have all the Toyota accessories & parts you need to maintain your car. You can get all these at affordable prices that are lower than our competitors'. You get amazing value & good deals you'll find hard to resist. The slogan of Toyota since 2004 has been "Moving Forward." Do the same & move forward by ordering your Toyota parts from Vancouver Toyota Parts Department & Accessories Store today!Featured Toyota Parts: Brake Disc | Brake Pad Set | Bumper | Cornering Light | Door Handle | Exhaust System | Fender | Fender Flares | Fog Light | Grille Assembly | Headlight Assembly | Hood | Mirror | Muffler | Oxygen Sensor | Radiator | Shock Absorber | Strut Assembly | Tail Light Assembly | Window Regulator.Featured Toyota Models: Toyota 4Runner | Toyota Avalon | Toyota Camry | Toyota Carina | Toyota Celica | Toyota Corolla | Toyota Corona | Toyota Cressida | Toyota Crown | Toyota Echo | Toyota Highlander | Toyota Matrix | Toyota Minivan | Toyota Mini Van | Toyota MR2 | Toyota Paseo | Toyota Pickup |Toyota Prerunner |  Toyota Previa | Toyota Prius | Toyota RAV4 | Toyota Sequoia | Toyota Sienna | Toyota Solara | Toyota Starlet | Toyota Supra | Toyota T100 | Toyota Tacoma | Toyota Tercel | Toyota Tundra | Toyota Van | Toyota Venza | Toyota Yaris.Welcome to the Vancouver Toyota Parts Department & Accessories Store the site of choice for the USA. Genuine Toyota car & truck parts delivered Nationwide. Whether you have an older model Celica car, LandCruiser or a new Camry; we have the parts for you. Remember we ship fast nationwide & we have one of the most extensive inventories available. If you have questions call 360.253.0675 during normal business hours to speak to our parts experts.
When you drive a Toyota, you know from the moment you pull out of the lot that you've got a top-notch vehicle on your hands. No matter how well you maintain & care for your vehicle, however - & no matter how great it was when you initially purchased it - all vehicles will eventually start to show signs of wear & tear. Normal driving conditions are hard on all vehicles - meaning it becomes very important to safeguard the health of your vehicle by using quality Toyota Parts when making repairs, replacements, or upgrades.One of the toughest things about using the proper Toyota Parts can be simply finding a source for them: it's easy to find that you're spending oodles of time going from auto shop to auto shop, searching through bins & catalogues for the single piece you need. Luckily, however, Vancouver Toyota Parts Department & Accessories Store is on board to help you with your Toyota Parts needs.Back in 1982, Vancouver Toyota Parts Department & Accessories Store was founded in Vancouver, WA - just outside Portland, OR. Vancouver Toyota Parts Department & Accessories Store is committed to helping you find the right part quickly - without the stress you might find elsewhere. You'll get great customer service through & through - as well as the kind of parts expertise you won't find at less customer-friendly online portals. When you order online with Vancouver Toyota Parts Department & Accessories Store, it's not an anonymous transaction. Our customer service representatives are available in order to ensure that you get the help you need if you have any questions.
Whether you need something for your engine, your transmission, or your external trim, Vancouver Toyota Parts Department & Accessories Store is a great choice for Toyota Parts. You'll get the benefit of the lowest discount prices available, fast delivery, an incredible selection, & the longest & most complete parts warranties across the board. All told, Vancouver Toyota Parts Department & Accessories Store can become your one-stop shopping spot when you need a part quickly & economically - so check it out today.At Vancouver Toyota Parts Department & Accessories Store, we carry a large selection of OEM TOYOTA Parts. We only provide the highest quality OEM factory TOYOTA parts. Our authentic parts offer premium quality components so you will be satisfied putting them on your vehicle. And because they are factory direct replacement parts for your TOYOTA, you will not encounter any compatibility issues. Your TOYOTA is something special. The absolute best way to keep your vehicle properly maintained is with genuine TOYOTA parts. Treat your vehicle with OEM TOYOTA parts straight from the factory. Shop the extensive catalog of genuine factory parts from Vancouver Toyota Parts Department & Accessories Store, & know that you are getting the right part for your TOYOTA. Have a question about the quality of our genuine TOYOTA parts or the fitment for your vehicle? Please feel free to contact us via e-mail or by phone. We strive to provide the best customer service alongside our genuine TOYOTA parts. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Free Full Service Support - Facts About Genuine Parts: 1. Fit & Quality: Genuine Toyota parts have less than a 2% fail rate over the aftermarket "value line's" 6% to 8% fail rate.2. Pricing:  With our purchase volume, we can aggressively price our Toyota parts inventory to be competitive to the aftermarket & in many cases - our prices are lower. So you get great fit, quality & price with our genuine discounted Toyota Parts over a questionable aftermarket knock-off part made in China. Now you can have peace of mind & save money.3. Warranty: All Toyota parts are backed by a manufacturer warranty. Any part purchased from us can be brought to a Toyota dealership to be replaced. Toyota parts are tested at the highest tolerances & that additional peace of mind is why you should always buy Genuine Toyota parts.Why shop with us? Complete replacement Toyota OEM Parts Catalog with illustrations | Full Toyota Accessory catalog | Selling parts for every Toyota model from 1980 to 2012 | Ship in 24hrs | Secure checkout. History: Founded in 1982 we have a heritage of service & pride ourselves as having a solid reputation for integrity & complete customer satisfaction. We keep nearly 2 million in available stock to insure we get parts out within 24 hours of receiving Toyota Part orders. We have great pricing & service & nearly 10 full-time employees with a combined Toyota parts experience of over 50 years, we know how to get you the right part for your car.
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