Toyota Guaranteed Auto Protection - GAP Insurance

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Get protected from the burden of an unexpected financial obligation if your vehicle is declared a total loss with the Toyota Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) Program. It provides retail or lease customers with one very significant benefit which is a peace of mind.
Payment Protection... It pays to prepare. Since you can't predict the future, the best you can do is prepare for it. We offer a type of payment protection plan that pays the covered balance due on your finance or lease contract to help you keep your vehicle - and your cool - if an unexpected covered event occurs.
If your Toyota is declared a total loss during the term of your finance or lease contract, Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP Insurance) will pay the difference between the balance owed on your contract and your vehicle's market value.
Toyota GAP can minimize or even eliminate your financial obligation if your vehicle is declared a total loss.
Take a look at the chart here for an idea of GAP coverage in action.
 Finance or lease contract payoff amount$23,000 
 Minus total auto insurance settlement$20,000 
 Negative Equity / Amount Under Water$3,000 
 Plus auto insurance deductible$1,000     
 Total out-of-pocket expense (Note: w/o GAP Ins.)$4,000 
 Minus Toyota GAP payment$4,000 
 Total owed to financial institution to pay off finance or lease contract$0 
With GAP, there's no such thing as a total loss. Think for a moment how typical auto insurance works: if you have an incident where your car is declared totaled due to theft, accident, fire, or flood, they usually pay the market value for the vehicle. If you still owe more than that on your finance or lease contract, you're stuck paying - unless you choose Toyota Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP), a product that can lessen or even eliminate your remaining balance.

Get a grip on GAP. Here's how GAP works: In the event of a total vehicle loss, GAP covers you once insurance has paid its share, paying the difference (or deficiency) between your Toyota's insurance payment (usually market value) & the balance on your finance or lease contract. In most states, GAP will also pay up to $1,000 of your insurance deductible.

As with most of our other payment protection and credit insurance plans, GAP is only available at the time you purchase or lease your new or used Toyota.